As a leading global supplier of fabrics to the textile market, brands and producers, Copen is aware of its moral, ethical and social responsibilities to ensure that where ever commercially and technically feasible we strive to improve and enhance our long term aims to continually improve our green foot print within our market sector, from sourcing, production to logistics and packaging, we continue to work towards sustainable options and partners for our future benefit to our company, employees and customers.


In line with our company direction on sustainability, Copen is now a leading supplier of pocketing materials to global brands using recycled polyester yarns. Today we are proud to state that over the past 2 years we have supplied 1 Million meters of recycled pocketing to high street brands who are currently motivated by the "GLOBAL GREEN CONSCIENCE" and as partners in this journey we continue to take proactive steps to bring these aims and goals to reality for the future.


Copen is a committed supplier in the ever changing landscape of sustainable textiles and we have invested extensively with one of the worlds leading recycled fiber producers "UNIFI" which brings and exclusive agreement and strong partnership with the aim of offering continuity of service, development and certification security to our current and future customers as we expand our product ranges to meet the technical and ecological demands of the market.